When Solving A Rubik’s Cube Is Solving Yourself

My whole life I have had a plague in my brain. When I studied martial arts my sensei said I lacked focus, in the military they said I didn’t have discipline, and of course in school they called it Attention Deficit Disorder. Now I’m not saying that I don’t have any of those things because there certainly has been a pattern in my life. Whenever it was time to freestyle, or speak from the heart, I fly like a fighter pilot by the seat of my pants. Trusting my gut has never been a problem.

But when it is time to sit down in silence and invest extended periods of time grappling with a problem I would normally, crap out. I would get distracted and not put in the time or endure the mental stress of hitting my head against the wall. There was always something else I could distract my self with. And honestly it has been the biggest thing to hold me back. If you need some breather, perhaps playing games such as 안전놀이터 would be incredibly beneficial.

Follow through.

It is why I haven’t had many lasting relationships, it is why I did not progress as far as I could in my dance career, it is why I have so many great examples of what I can accomplish in small periods of time but very few examples of what I can be when I stick with something.

The Rubik’s cube is something I have always wanted to complete but I never dedicated more than 30 minutes to it. I would sit there and fumble with it but it is not something I could inuit so after a while I would put it down. I am not big on study, and since I normally can figure most things out I don’t like admitting when I need to study or practice. Honestly it doesn’t come across my plate very often. But this cube forced me slow down, commit things to memory, or take notes, or heavens to megatroid LISTEN TO AN EXPERT.

While I pride myself on being able to do things MY WAY there are so many lessons that can come from taking the advice of others. So this morning I decided that before I got into my emails, and before I did any of my work I was going to solve this damn cube!

I started out trying to intuit again, and ended up where I always do. Then I switched to a blog site for instructions, that source gave me some insights but wasn’t what I needed. Still frustrated I took an online Rubik’s Cube lesson and watched it while trying. Nothing much further, then I skipped around to Youtube and got some more tid bits, still 45 minutes later I was well into my morning and hadn’t gotten started with work.

I watched the whole video then went back to the class and after starting and stopping the lesson, working on it my own I finally started to see the change. It was slow and confusing and only got harder but I saw that there was progress.
Before I knew it I got lost in turning the blocks and one final piece seemed to slide into place before I knew I was so close and voi la! I was DONE!

I had solved the dawgone cube and it a huge personal accomplishment because it was something I always new I could do. It unlocked something in me that I hope extends in to the rest of my day.

All from a little colored block that is actually a game. Sometimes play is the best way to learn. Pitting yourself against the challenges of life can be no less stressful but games show you who you are. There is no one there but you and the cube. Now the trick is to work on my practice alone and see if I can go from simple completion to mastery. Wish me luck!