Book Club: Teach Us To Sit Still

Welcome to the first installment of the C2O Book Club we are doing a book club.  Reading a book each month, is a modest goal, but it is another opportunity to initiate dialogue and relevant discussion to the subject we are reviewing with our theme.

We’ll be reading a new work of non-fiction each month that pertains to the theme.

This month we are talking about the body and Tim Parks has written, what seems to be, a very interesting work.
He is not a doctor, or fitness guru, or celebrity author, he is a regular guy who makes his living as a creative, like many of us do. He is a  writer to be more precise.

Teach Us To Sit Still isn’t about the fab diet or a learning plan, its not about the new work out and it is not a get in shape guide book. Tim is offering us a chance to experience our bodies with a sincere acknowledgement. It is a journey through his pain and path to relief.

An excerpt from the forward:

“… just when the medical profession had given up on me and I on it, just when I seemed to be walled up in a life sentence of chronic pain, someone proposed a bizarre way out: sit still, they said, and breathe. I sat still. I breathed. It seemed a tedious exercise at first, rather painful,not immediately effective. Eventually it proved so exciting, so transforming, physically and mentally, that I began to think my illness had been a stroke of luck. If I wasn’t the greatest of skeptics, I’d be saying it was sent from above to invite me to change my ways. In any event, by now the story had become too inviting a conundrum to be left unwritten.”

What more pertinent a story to share in the month we are discussing physicality and movement, than to read about being still. Before we can master movement we must master stillness and above all  our breath. Breathing is literally the most important thing we do each day, everyday, all day. It is a voluntary choice and yet we give it little thought.

Teach Us To Sit Still  is subtitled “A Skeptic’s Search for Health and Healing” and aren’t we all a little skeptical, and rightly so? We’ve been promised results over and over again. This book makes no promises, it offers a perspective. We entreat you to join us as we explore it.

Read the book, and drop comments in the box below as you go.
You can get it on or Barnes and Noble in-store and online.
We’ll try this out and see how it goes.

Since it is our first attempt, if you decide you want to join. We’ll buy you the first book!

Fill out the form below and we’ll try to get you the book within in a week. Its’ only 319 pages and January is a long month.



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