Ready…Set…Feel (60 Self Assessment)

When was the last time you took a moment to feel your own body? I don’t mean the surface of your skin, I mean acknowledging the experience of  living your  body. Wanna try it? OK! Let’s go.

Read through this quick survey and post a comment below or share it if you think it is worth spreading.


First congratulations, you are alive, which means you are breathing.

How deep are you breathing? At what pace?
Has the pace of your breathing changed since you noticed it?
Are you breathing through your nose? Is there any sound?
Does air flow freely?
When was the last time you swallowed?
Can you feel your pulse?
Can you feel your heart beat?
How do you feel about all of these answers? Are they good or bad?

Posture (Upper Body)
Is your head up and aligned with your spine?
Are you resting your head on your hand?
Can you feel air moving over the back of your neck? What about behind your ears?
Is your chest angled towards the floor or ceiling?
Did you just adjust? BUSTED!
Are  your shoulders a little hiked or are they dropped?
Is this normal? Is this comfortable?
Are you in a chair? Does it support your lower back?
Is slouching more comfortable?

Don,t move just, acknowledge.

Posture (Lower Body)
Are you standing or siting?
Is your pelvis directly below your head?
Is your back flat or arched?
Are your feet touchingthe floor?
ok . Stop.
Do you have a big butt?
What does that even mean?
Are your either of your legs fully extended.
Is that good or bad? Where did that idea come from?

Are you a little cold or a little hot?
Which do you prefer?
How you normally feel?
Do you need glasses?
How do you know the answer?
Are you good looking?
Where did that idea come from?
Do you agree?
Are you tall?
Are you fat?
What does that mean?

What would you change about your body if you could?
Why don’t you change it?
What is your favorite part of your body?
Are you good at keeping time?
Have you realized that this has not taken 60 seconds?

Enjoi  your day.


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