GGeisha and the Dripped Fashion Soiree

LA Fashion week is well underway, and though it is not the robust tent city that is experiences in NY, there is still a few passionate people curating events that bring the community together. GGeisha is one of these passionate people.

Tomorrow, October 16th her organization Dripped, will present its Fall Fashion Soiree & Trunk show.It is not only a celebration of fashion but of a unique group that GGeisha calls “The New Underground Tastemakers”. This group is marked by daring, controversial, and avant garde tastes and designs. Nothing about them is conventional and the same holds true for Dripped.

This season Dripped brings its event to the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown. A multi-level space that sets a the tone for fashion, music, and creativity.

We wanted to find out from GGeisha what motivated her to start Dripped and why it is relevant to today’s fashion audience.

Citizens Of Culture:  So you woke up one day and started to hosts a trunk shows?

GGeisha:  I was working in a show room and was seeing how some young designers were being taken advantage of. I also noticed that there wasn’t a strong sense of community in the fashion industry in LA. At the same time I was holding events for an artist in town. The trunk shows came organically.

COC:What audience does Dripped cater to?

GGeisha: There is not a set name for it but it is a young alternative underground audience. They are the type of people that are defined by their own rules. They wouldn’t go to a traditional stuffy fashion showcase

COC: OK, so you feature a lot of younger brands, why is that important?

GG: A lot of up-and-coming designers and young brands, have no no awareness.  We’ll have a trunk show for some of the younger brands, and installations upstairs for some more established brands.

COC: How frequently do you have these events?

GG: We have about 5 or 6 events a year but our larger shows are in Spring and Fall.

COC:  If you had a magic wand, what would you change about LA?

GG: I wish people would be more authentic and keep it real. That is one thing about Los Angeles that I have noticed.



Dripped Fashion Soiree and Trunk Show

LA Fashion Week Edition

943 N. Broadway

All ages to shop.
21+ to drink

Doors Open from 8pm-2am
Installations from 10p-11p


cover photo credit :Ryan Burke Photography 





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