Captain of the Lens

He eats parfait, he wears women’s blazers, and he is too friendly for his own good, but that is not what makes him interesting.

It is not immediately apparent what he is in charge of but Captain Chris is certainly on a trip.

This young photographer is currently running the streets snapping photos of everything that inspires him.

Today Looks Like is his own personal documentary chronicling the beauty of his life.

He has a varied perspective on things so it is hard to peg what motivates him.

He might say, “Love”.

I am often getting a call from him at random hours in the day where he describes this “surge” that he is feeling through his body.

I don’t really know what he is talking about but I am none-the-less inspired by him and his work.

I am repeatedly surprised by the concepts he is drawn to and how he executes his vision.

He shoots women, men, fashion, and lifestyle images that seem to always tell the story that he sees in the world.
Most days you can find him producing  images for Groceries Apparel out of their workshop in Downtown LA.

Check out his work and see if you can understand it.

It would seem that while we may not know why we call him Captain he is certainly commanding something, at very least our attention.

Today Looks Like


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