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  • You’ll Never Realize Your Dreams Unless You Let Them Go

    You’ll Never Realize Your Dreams Unless You Let Them Go

    It might be something as simple as money. Or it might be something more elusive live love or happiness, even fulfillment. Whatever it is, we all have something inside of us that we want, desire, or need. Each of those is something that we thing will change the tides of our fortune and create a…

  • Fetish, Objectification, Or Preference?

    Fetish, Objectification, Or Preference?

    Have you ever heard someone say they have a “thing” for asian girls? What exactly does that mean? Is it any different than some one saying they will only date tall men? When we think about who we date and are attracted to we can’t help but factor in physical attributes. After some time we…

  • The Human Paradox

    The Human Paradox

    From a brief observation of human behavior thus far, at least a glimpse of the world today, we might seem to be a self-centered race. The planet seems to be dominated by a viewpoint that deems us all the center of our own universes, respectively. We are bound by our need to collaborate in order…

  • Hundred . Waters . Deep .

      Everyone should have a musical pen pal. A person you can send music back and forth with daily. It will enhance your life on so many levels. Don’t ask the person to be your musical pen pal. Just start sending them music and if they send some back to you, it was meant to…

  • Alex . Thee . Voice . Isley .

    Alex . Thee . Voice . Isley .

      Every once in a while you meet a voice. A voice you never thought existed. Perfect as an angels whisper, and as sweet as pure agave in a porcelain tea cup never sipped from. Alex Isley is one of the purest voices that will ever touch you ears. Blessed with synesthesia (aka color hearing  that…

  • Love Mob: Peaceful Disruption

    Los Angeles, is a city often shrouded by the stigma of the entertainment industry. It is seen as a superficial place devoid of community and soul. Much of this judgement comes from bad experiences in a town that publicizes mostly celebrity news and award shows. In the afternoon of Saturday, December 15th the shopping center…

  • Girlfriend Season: Anna Maria

    Girlfriend Season: Anna Maria

    ‘Tis not only the season to help out strangers, eat hearty, and argue with family. ‘Tis also the season to stay close with someone you think is special. It doesn’t have to be any more than a winter companion but it can be everything you need. Girlfriend Season is a photo series out of a set…

  • Love Shape Variable Theorum
  • Captain of the Lens

    Captain of the Lens

    He eats parfait, he wears women’s blazers, and he is too friendly for his own good, but that is not what makes him interesting. It is not immediately apparent what he is in charge of but Captain Chris is certainly on a trip. This young photographer is currently running the streets snapping photos of everything…

  • Love Changes Gas’d Event

    Love Changes Gas’d Event

    Ladies and gentleman, it is time to reinvent yourself. It is time to expand your horizons and broaden your capacity for love. Gas’d presents the Love Changes event, a commemorative celebration of the power of love. we are all one